The Albera range

The Albera range is the name given to the eastern end of the Pyrenees which stretches from the pass of “El Pertús” to the sea. It is a region with a well-defined personality, typically Mediterranean in landscape and ecology. It separates the wide Empordà plain from that of Roussillon and since the signing of the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659 part of the French-Spanish border has run along its crest. The Albera range is about 25 km long.
The total surface area of 3428 hectares is divided into two sectors. One is the Requesens-Baussitges sector, the other is the Sant Quirze-Balmeta sector. The area is inhabited by species characteristic of the Mediterranean basin as well as Euro Siberian species found in Catalonia's mountainous areas and damper regions. The streams and rivers are inhabited by turtles.

 The Albera boasts a rich heritage of Romanesque architecture, the style that prevailed during the high middle Ages when settlements in the area were consolidated. The most outstanding in the nature area is the former Benedictine monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera, documented as far back as the 10th century, of which the magnificent basilica church and remains of the cloister, other monastic buildings and the fortifications can still be seen.

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