Peralada / Vilabertran

Two thousand six hundred years ago, a group of the Iberian tribe of the Indiketes lived in Peralada. At the end of 8th Century A.D., the army of Carlemagne built a fortification there. About the year eleven hundred, Peralada was already settled on the hill, surrounded by walls and crowned by the castle of Toló and the church of Sant Martí. Ramon Muntaner, a famous writer and chronicler of the life and facts of the kings of the Aragon Kingdom, was born in Peralada in 1265. He only lived there until he was twenty, but his Chronicle is full of references and memories of his home town.
Vilabertran is a municipality of the Alt Empordà situated on the north-eastern boundary of Figueres, in the area of the Empordanese plain where the rivers Manol and Muga converge. A large part of the land is used for crop farming, and cattle- and poultry farming complete the economy. The village grew up around the monastery of Vilabertran, an important Augustinian Canon (later a collegiate church), whose abbots had jurisdiction over the area. Ramparts were built on the village walls. The monastery church, a notable example of Romanesque art, later became the parish church.

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Oficina de Turisme de Peralada.       

Pl. Peixateria, 6 Peralada 17491

Tel. 972 53 88 40


Canònica Agustiniana de Vilabertran

C/ Abadia, 4

17760 Vilabertran (Alt Empordà)

Tel. 972 50 87 87

Web: Vilabertran Monastery